Abbie: OMG!!! I forgot about Katrina!!!

Me, Keela and Flames are walking up to our rooms. Flames is confusing me with questions like 'If the Creator's dead, how did she create the Kingdom, and if she's not dead, how can she be in the Kingdom?' I think about the things that've happened today. The pin tower melting... getting Flames a job... Keela... Katrina..

"OH MY GOD!!! I FORGOT ABOUT KATRINA!!!" I yell loudly, interrupting Flames. 

"Katrina?" Keela asks, while Flames asks "Forgot about who?"

"Katrina, I met her just after you two came to get rooms at the hotel" I whisper, I feel the blood drain from my face.

"Uhh, what does it mean when your eyes go a really light shade of brown?"

"It means I'm probably gonna get killed by Mr Makins" I whisper and am about to run and find him when someone pokes their head out the room opposite mine.

"I was wondering when you'd notice" laughs Katrina.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, there was so much I needed to do and - "

"It's fine" she cuts me off "You might wanna come up with a better excuse for Mr Makins though, he's waiting for you downstairs and he does not look very happy"

"Oh no" I say very, very quietly

The End

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