Abbie: Creator, with a capital 'C'

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap ta-

"Keela!" we both yell as Keela enters my room. 

"What took you so long?" Flames asks her immediately

"Was Miss Winter annoyed you were late?" I ask before she can answer

"Calm down. It was amazing! I was late, but she let me off just this once. Then she fought this crazy thief. I am training to become her partner! Isn't it so cool?!"

"Yeah!" me and Flames shout

"Oh yeah, I am also telekenetic" Keela tells us excitedly. The marble in her hand flies around the room

"Wow!" we both say.

"I'm hungry. Lets go get some dinner. Race you both there!" Keela giggles and then disappears. She thinks she can get there before us but she has a disadvantage: the diner is in the most stupid part of the hotel ever and Keela doesn't know where it is. I tell Flames to follow me and we wait for Keela. When she turns up I tease her

"Isn't ten years long enough?" I ask jokingly. Flames laughs. Keela shoves past us.

"How was I meant to know the the diner is behind the lift?" she grumbles, but then laughs along with us. When we all have steaming plates of spaghetti in front of us Flames asks:

"So Keela, I guess we have to treat you like this creator person now?"

"Flames!" I hiss


"She's not 'this creator person', she's the Creator. With a capital 'C'"

"Well, so-orry. So Keela, I guess we're gonna have to treat you like the Creator now?" she says. Keela laughs.

"No, of coarse not, but Abbie's right. You don't just call the Creator by any name. She's royalty" she says. I grin triumphantly at Flames. She pouts mardily. I laugh.

The End

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