Keela :

I teleport back to the hotel after more marble training. Miss Winter told me to keep it for further practise. I am getting much more used to it now, as long as I concentrated hard enough, I would be able to get basically anywhere I wanted.

"Hi!" I call to Abbie and Flames. They run over to me.

"What took you so long?" "Was Miss Winter annoyed you were late?"

"Calm. Down." I tell them, "It was so amazing! I was late, but she let me off just this once. Then she fought this crazy thief. I am training to become her partner! Isn't it so cool?"

"Yeah!" They shout. I grin, this is going to be awesome!

"Oh yeah!" I say, "I am also telekenetic!" I hold out my marble and make it roll about on my palm.

"Wow!" They answer, excited.

"I'm hungry. Let's go get some dinner. Race both of you there!" I giggle and teleport downstairs.

The End

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