Winter: Lateness is unexceptable

I tap my foot annoyed and look at my watch. 8:03.

"I'm sorry I'm late" I hear someone call and I watch her run across. She stops infront of me out of breath and bows slightly.

"Lateness is unexceptable" I tell her then begin quickly down the steps her at my heels.

"Um, where we going?" She asks.

"To catch a thief" I say and begin at a gental jog.

"Um, how can you tell?" she mutters. I pull the earpiece out and show it to her.

"It's telepathic, you'll recieve one when we've finished" I say slipping it back in.

I turn a corner and hear the girl slip slightly. "We will need to get you better clothes" I mutter.

Then we reach the fight and Sargent runs over to me. "The guys mad" he shouts as another soldier is thrown.

"His power is strength and pain by touch" Sargent looks behind me. "Who this?"

This time I make sure to say her name right. "This is Keela my Apprentice" I tell him. I watch him look slightly annoyed.

"Well, we need this guys down" Sargent says. I nod then turn to Keela.

"Stay here and watch" I shout then run off to fight.

I get a few cuts but of coarse they heal. I walk slowly back to Keela and the Sargent my cuts healing as they go.

"Wow, you got hang of those force fields" Sargent says glaring slightly.

"Yeah, not hard to use" I say smiling. "Come on Keela, time to start your training"

She follows me and also watches as the man get chained.

"What am I training for? I mean your the creator's fighter what am I training to be" Keela asks.

"Your training to become my partner. My job is actually Guardian and there's always meant to be two but after the last two died and I got the job, no one worthy came to the kingdom. But I think the creator has decided to start giving people a chance" I tell her and I see her eyes widen with shock.

The End

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