Abbie:Keela, you are so lucky!

I direct Keela and Flames to the hotel and get the fling girl - Katrina? - committed. We start to go out but the Creator calls me back. I direct Katrina to wherever Mr Makins might be so she can get a job. I walk back into the hall and curtsy.

"Yes Miss, what can I do for you?" I have to use all my control to keep my voice from shaking. I've never talked to the Creator before - except when I got committed 3 years ago.

"Child, I understand you are friend with the new girl, Keela?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"And you are looking for a job for her?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"I believe that she could work for me, as Winter's apprentice"

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am. I'll go tell her now Ma'am" I say, I know that my eyes are more green than they've ever been. The Creator smiles - she knows the code of feelings for my eyes too. I curtsy again and leave. I run like hell to the hotel where Keela and Flames are in the reception area. I tell them which room I'm in and then tell Keela I have her a job. They follow me to the Creatathedral and we wait on the stairs. Winter comes out and looks at Keela.

"You Keera?" she asks. Keela nods. She obviously knows that Winter's important because she doesn't correct her on her name. "Well, your my new apprentice" she says. Keela's eyes go really wide and Flames jaw drops. "You start tommorrow. Be here by 8:00. Sharpish." Winter says and then she goes to do some important job.

"Wow Keela! Your so lucky!" I say as we get back to the hotel. She just nods.

"Who is she anyway? Why is she so important?" Flames asks.

"'She' is Winter. And you'd do well to call her that from now on. She works for the Creator. Keela, you just got one of the most important jobs EVER!"

"Who is this 'creator' anyway?"

"Flames, don't talk about her like that! She created the Kingdom! You'll get in real trouble if she hears you!" I say a little too loudly. "Everyone come to my room now. We have to talk about how to act around royalty!" and with that I run up the stairs, the lift being too slow, and wait for Flames to get there (Keela's already there).

The End

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