Winter: An Apprentice

I walk into the hall then kneel before the Creator.

"The time has come for you to train some one" her voice sings. I look up mouth wide in shock. "You will train a girl named Keela, she thinks she has got a job as a fighter but you will go to her now and tell her the truth"

"Can she heal herself?" I ask rasing an eyebrow.

"No, but she is my choice"

"So you want me training someone I'll be sending to their death again" I say.

"I am hoping you'll train her so she won't die"

"What's her powers?"

"Teleportation and the ability to move object's"

"Good, I'll get on it right away" I stand up bow and walk out of the room. I spot three people walking and smile. I take the steps two at a time.

"Oh, Miss Winter" One says bowing and I watch the others do it slight confused.

I focus my attention on the one too the right.

"You Keera?" I ask. She straighten up as do the others and their all taller than me, stupid no growth.

"Congrat's you've just become my apprentice" I say smiling and I watch the one in the middle gawk shocked.

The End

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