Keela : Job?

While Abbie went off for a little while on an errand, Flames and I decide to check out our hotel. We enter a medium-sized hotel. It isn't fancy but it isn't small or shabby either. We walk in and greet the receptionist. We ask for two rooms, preferably ne-

"- preferably next to each other? Already reserved for you, ladies." She smiles and gives us our room keys. One of them says 306 while the other say 307. "I can read minds, it's can be very useful sometimes!" She says.

"Cool!" I say. We go up the lift to the third floor up and get into our rooms. There is also a door that connects both our rooms together. However, it can only open if both of us unlock the two different locks. I unlock my side of the door then flop onto the bed. Flames does so too and our rooms join together. It's like living dead here in the Kingdom. I think about my family, whether they are still alive or already dead. But wouldn't I see them if they had died? I hope I drift into unconsciousness........

"Keela!" I hear someone shout my name. "Keela! Wake up!" A pillow bounces off my face, I sit up and blink.

"Hi, what? Hello, did I sleep too much? Good morning, what's going on?" I see Flames standing in front of me.

" have been sleeping for around five minutes, but sorry to interrupt you but I'm sort of hungry, and maybe Abbie has found you a job?"

"Oh," I sigh in relief. I sort of feel hungry now too... "Let's go downstairs." I smile, time to test out my power. "Race you there!"

"What?! That's cheati-" I teleport to the ground floor before Flames could finish her sentence. Then I teleport into the lift after waiting a little while. "Hi!" I laugh, teleporting to the ground floor again before she could say anything. Flames storms out of the lift, looking grumpy.

"Cheer up! You have cool skills, for instance, if we watch a movie, we can buy popcorn and then heat it up in your hands! Tadaa, a bowl of microwave popcorn, without the microwave!" We giggle at the ridiculousy of what it would look like, then walk out of the hotel doors. Abbie was waiting.

"Oh my gosh!" I say, "Were you waiting long?"

"No, no, don't worry. I just got here. How's the hotel?"

"It's really cool! We haven't checked out the ground floor yet though."

"Nice, I'm in room 308."

"No kidding?! We're in 307 and 306!"

"Wow! That receptionist really did know what we were thinking!" Flames says.

"Anyway," Abbie continues, "I found you a job Keela." We walk with her to my new job. But what can a teleporter do?

The End

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