Abbie: More jobs to get

I have a haibit of not looking where I'm going when I run. I hate that habit:it causes a lot of pain. This time it happens to be one of the most important people ever that becomes a victim.
"Sorry miss" I say after smacking into her. I turn around to look who it was "Oh! Winter, I'm so sorry" I say and bow "I've got to hurry. There's a new girl I've got a job for" she nods and I run off again. When I get to the creatathedral I see that Flames is still outside it. "Hi Flames"
"What's my job?" she asks immedietly
"Street lamp lighter. Not very interesting but you get loads of free time" I say. She tries lighting the nearest street lamp and it works. Phew - imagine if her power hadn't been to make fire. "You'll be working for Mr Makins, like me. He's really nice. He tells the future so he'll know that you accept - do you accept?" she nods. Then a girl come out of the creatathedral. "Hi, what's your name?" I say. She doesn't say anything. She's obviously been taught not to talk to strangers.
"She's called Keela" says Flames
"Well, Hi Keela. Welcome to the Kingdom!" I say "I'm Abbie"
"Hi Abbie."
"I guess you just got committed? So, how did you d-... get here?" I ask. I've learnt not to be so direct from the reaction I got from Flames.
"Well... I was in an earthquake... and then I was here" she says
"DO you know what your power is?"
"I can teleport... I think"
"Well that's great! I wish I could do that" I say "Well, you need a job now so why don't you both come wi-"
"Hey, weren't your eyes blue before?" Flames interrupts
"What colour are they now?"
"A very vivid green" she says. Keela laughs
"Well, that's because I was calm before and now I'm excited! My eyes are a bit like a mood ring" I explain "As I was saying: If you both come with me I can get Keela a job and I won't have to run back again. You can both get a room in the hotel too. And you'll meet Mr Makins" I say. I run off again and they follow me. As I pass the pin tower I see a girl in the air. So, I'll have to get a job for her too. "Come Down!" i yell to her

The End

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