I was dead, then. I knew it must be so. I didn't belive I would survive that plane crash. Everyone screaming as we went towards the ground, so fast. They assured us, but I didn't survive.

I looked up at the sky. I was standing there, on what seemed to be a street. Suddenly, I felt the ground give way beneath me. I was flying! "Help!" I cried. Someone came to stand beneath me.

"Come down!" they said. I looked down at a girl.

"I can't!"

"Yes you can!" Then I acctually tried. Quickly, the ground came towards me, but it was worse then when I had been in the plane. I hadn't been looking out the window. For some reason, I didn't land hard. I was deposited softly, right in front of the girl who had yelled at me.

"Sorry..." I said.

"That's okay, you're new. I'm Abbie. This is The Kingdom, where you go when you die, but you're not really dead. You have one more chance, but if you die here, you're dead."

"Okay. I'm Katrina. What- what just happened to me?"

"You have a power, everyone here does, that relates to how you died. How did you die?"

"Plane crash. Is that why I can fly?"

"Yes, I belive so. Come with me." And so I followed her, through the streets thinking, Why can't I just die already?

The End

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