Winter: Bang!

"Oi, watch it" I shout as someone almost knocks me over running past.

"Oh, sorry Miss" She says turning then gasps. "Oh my gosh, I'm really sorry Miss Winter" She bows. "I must go I have a new person who I've found a job"

"Okay" I say smiling then watch her run of to the cathedral.

Bang! The sound echoes loudly and I groan before heading towards the noise. Just as I was about to go home and get some rest.

Then I see the culprit. "Hey, fat spud"  I shout at the tall bulky guy.

"Oi, ain't you Winter the creators dog" he shouts flames burning on his finger tips but it a blue flame.... An explosive flame.

"You'll pay for that" I say charging up my hands.

The End

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