Abbie: What job can Flames have??

After Flames gets committed I go off to find her a job. You need to get a job to earn domes, see, coz if you don't earn domes, you die of hunger. It's easier to die in the Kingdom than it is on earth. Which raises a question: is the Kingdom on earth, or is it somewhere in space that no-one goes in, like a black hole or something? Annnnnnnnyway. So, I'm looking for a job for Flames. I run to the hotel before realizing that Mr Makins doesn't live in the hotel. I go in anyway. He's there anyway.

"Who is this new girl then?" he asks me. He tells future, see. He died of old age (75) and got to choose his power. Then he notes: "That mood ring I got you sure doesn't tell the truth. You're not stressed, your eyes are sparkling with excitement!"

"HA! Did you know that green's my favourite colour? Anyway, the new girl is called Flames, she's still trying to get over death and she creates fire - I think" 

"Well, I'm sorry to say that she can't work with us. Fire isn't needed to fix things. Maybe she could light the street lamps, the previous one died recently"


"Burned to death" he says. I grimaced. "Yes, disgusting isn't it?" asks Mr Makings, noting the sickly yellow colour of my eyes. I nod. Then I rush off to tell Flames her new job.

The End

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