Winter: Tour

"Shops" I say. indicating the street and begin down it. I mark each one off as we pass it. I'm giving James a tour.

"Charms, Food, Clothes, Orbs don't go there, Books but we have a libary which is way better, Weapons usually swords, thats the bow specialist, Builders fixing, demolishing and new. Any questions?" I say turning to face him.

"No.... I think I got it" he mutters.

"Good, time to find you a job which will sign you a house. Any ideas what you want to do?" I ask.

"Um, Factory work is what I did when I was alive" he mutters.

"So bulding and I'd say demolishing" I say before turning and heading towards the demolishing Building shop. James follows silently.

"Do we age here?" he asks.

"No, stuck at age of death but you can have children who will age till seventeen" I say before pushing open the door.

"How may we help you?" say a gruff voice which totally matches the guys apperance.

Big muscles, eye patch, tall and quite a few tatoo's.

"Hi, James here needs a job" I say pushing him forward.

"And what makes you certain Miss Winter that this guy can demolish things" the man ask. I sigh how I love being respected.

"Cause he's the one who blew up a hole in ebonine wall" I say gesturing him.

"Really? Good on you make that wall was ugly" the man behind the counter says. He snuffs wiping his nose.

"Name's Smithy, I own this place left to me by my old master" Smithy says offering his clean hand. James shakes it and yelp pulling back.

"Ha ha ha ha" Smithy laughs. James looks at me.

"This guys got two abilities strength and scanning" I say. "Now I must be going"

"See you Miss Winter" Smithy says bowing.

"See ya" I say walking off casually.

The End

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