Flames: Keela

I walked out of the cathedral and Abbie scooted off- she said she was going to find me a job- and I saw a girl just outside with brown shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. She looked shaken and confused. I went over. 

"Hi, my names Flames, I'm guessing you're new too? I just got here, what happened to you?" I said. She looked at me.

"I'm Keela, where am I? Is this the afterworld?" she asked. 

"This is the Kingdom, the afterlife I guess. I'm still getting over death. House fire, you?"

"Haiti earthquakes. Um, what do I do?"

"Just go in and sign your name and cause of death. I'll wait for you."

"Thanks." She pressed the speaker button after I told her what to say, and went in.

The End

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