Keela : Where am I?

The ground isn't shaking anymore. I am standing on the ground of somewhere. It was night time. The lamp-posts had real fire on them. Wow, I wonder what would happen if one of them tipped over? The sky is dark, no stars though, just plain blackness. Am I dead? Is this what they call the afterworld? What about my family? Did they die?

I start to walk, but I was so tired that every step seem to drag forever. I see a sort of cathedral at the end of the road. Yes, there is a road. It even has houses and shops on it. How I wish I could be at that cathedral without walking. So tired. I concentrated on the cathedral. Suddenly, my brown hair flies behind me, I feel like I'm being pushed by air to somewhere. Then it stops. I am standing in front of that very cathedral I had been thinking about. My head hurts. But who cares? I can teleport! Looking up at the cathedral, I see its grandness and beauty. It wasn't modern, but it wasn't ancient. I walk up the stairs leading to the double doors at the top. On the frame, there is a speaker. I press the button next to the speaker and wait.

The End

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