Winter: Creator

I kneel before the creator. "What to report?" Her voice booms.

"Nothing from the obvious. Everything went smoothly" I say. My voice may sound slightly rude but the Creator said to be myself and I am slightly rude.

"That is brilliant Winter" she says standing up. I feel slightly small as I stand under her tall elegant figure. "Sargent was though a bit angry and he asked for you to be replaced"

"Well, I can't be replaced can I. I'm the only one in the Kingdom that can heal themself" I say shrugging.

"Yes and the only one alive who doesn't remember her death" the Creater says.

"I have things to do mam" I say bowing.

"Okay and I hope that peace charm is working" She says. I rise and begin to walk away. "Peace might return your memory"

The End

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