Abbie: Flames

I only just get to town when there's a soft buzzing sound. I leg it back to the pin tower. There's a girl there.

"Are you OK?" I ask. She just nods. I sigh. "What happened?" I ask. If you witness a person coming into the Kingdom, you have to take them to the creator, see. But you have to know how they died too. They also have to know where they are and what really happened before they get there. 

"Umm. du-dunno, i was running... from a fire. Then i was here..." she says

"Well OK" I say "What's your name?"


"Well, Flames" I say, preparing myself, I've never done this before "Ehem, your dead" I say, and only realize after that I took the wrong approach completely.

"I'm not dead! You're lying to me! If this is a joke you're really sick! I'm not dead! I'm not dead! I'M NOT DEAD!" Flames yells. I flinch.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh! you'll embarrass everyone!" I hiss. Then I say "I found it hard too, I hated it. Some people kill themselves for good before finding out what it's really like in the Kingdom..." I look up. Flames is staring at me, wide eyed. "Damn! Sit down, I'll explain" she sits down. "Ehem. Well, you died in the fire. But when you die, you don't actually die - if that makes sense. You come here to the Kingdom. You get a second chance at life. You have powers" I say, lacking better explanation. "But if you die here, then you actually do die. This is sorta like an afterlife"

"Proof" she says


"Proof. I want proof"

"Oh, well OK" I lift the front of my top up to reveal a three inch scar where the knife had gone in, then I turn round and show her a one inch scar on my back where the end of the knife had come out. "Anyway... now I have to take you to the Creator so she can commit you"

"Commit me?"

"It's hard to explain" I can tell she isn't convinced but what choice does she have? She follows me to the 'Creatathedral' well thats what I call it. It's actually the Creational or the Cathedral. "Well, here we are" I say. She looks at me

"What's your name?"

"Abigail. But don't call me that, call me Abbie" Flames nods and we both stare at the beautiful castle that the Creator lives in. We walk up to the huge door and I knock.


The End

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