Winter: My jobs more like a death scentence

I run and jump just as a rock lands where I was. I turn and fire a streak of electricty at the power crazy man.

He's new and his power well it's to create bolders. It hits him and he falls to the floor jerking around every so often. The guards run in and turn the man over cuffing him.

Sargents approaches me. "Thanks again Winter" he says gripping the hilt of his sword at his side.

"No problem" I say shrugging.

"No problem that guy melted the pin tower" Sargent says shocked at me.

"Like I said No problem. My jobs more of a death scentence might as well do the best I can" I say turning and begining to walk off.

"You need to report to-"

"I know" I shout inturpting him.

The End

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