Abbie: Mr Makins

So, here I am. Stuck at the age of 13. Just my bad luck. I finish the magazine. At that moment a man comes in.

"Bored are we?" says Mr Makins. I nod. 

"Your eyes reveal all Abigail" he says to me, grinning. My eyes change colour see, and Mr Makins has worked out that the colour they happen to be depends on what I'm feeling. He knows all the colours of my eyes and the feelings behind them. He says that my eyes are like a mood ring, except that my eyes tell people my real feeling. My eyes are grey at the moment.

"Don't call me Abigail" I say, but I smile. Mr Makins is my boss. Even though I'm 13, I have to have a job to make money. I like him. He's funny. I help him fix things that break in the Kingdom. Something breaks almost every day.

"Ok, Abbie. The pin tower's broken" the pin tower is called the pin tower because it's in the shape of a pin. It's really the place where people come into the Kingdom. It emmits a soft buzzing sound and then the person appears in front of it.

"What help will I be?" I ask. Mr Makins's power is to fix things at will. But there were some things he couldn't fix.

"It got struck by lightning and melted last night" he tells me. I laugh. No matter how big the problem, the only person that ever seems to know is Mr Makins, if it needs fixing that is.

"Oh" I say. I know my eyes have turned light pink because I'm happy. My job is fun. We go to the pin tower. It'smelted badly, like a candle. Mr Makins can't fix it because you cant fix a burn, it just can't happen. I put my had to the melted metal - still slightly wet - and say "Rewind" then when it's restored to before it melted I say "Stop" then I explore the town as I normally do after a job.

The End

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