Winter: Streets

The streets around the Kingdom aren't all that bizzy. Sure you'd think the'd be but most people can't deal with the kingdom and kill themselves, then there are one's who get killed by dead murderers.

I sigh and approach a magic shop. Magically created charms that actually work. I search along the lines.

Luck, Love yuck, health, strength, will, ahhh.... Peace. I look at the pale white butterfly necklace.

These are rare only one person has ever been able to create them and she died the second time last year.

The end road. I walk over to the desk. "How much is this?" I say showing the Peace charm.

"12,000 domes" the women behind the counter says her voice thick with african accent.

"Here" I say pulling noes out of my pocket. She gasps at the money. Domes is the currancy and it's hard to earn money in the Kingdom.

I work for the Creater. The one who created the kingdom itself, to give everyone a secound chance.

The End

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