Abbie: Death

Hi, I'm Abbie. I died some months ago. It wasn't painful, but maybe that's because I was expecting it. The way the things were thrown at me, all broken. I Knew it was going to kill me. I don't know why they were torturing me. I didn't know anything. I was just screaming and screaming. They wouldn't believe me. So when the supposedly 'harmless' (they said) steak knife hit me in the middle of my stomach, I didn't notice until there was no hope of saving me.


So now I'm here, standing in my room. I sigh. I rewind and fast forward all the things in there, before finally pausing them and letting them go down to the where they were. I'm bored. By the way, influencing the time around objects is my power. I got it coz all the things they threw at me seemed to be going in slow motion. I get up and go to the lounge of the hotel I'm in. I pick up one of the magazines and start to read it. My hair gets in the way. Push it back but it just makes a dark brown shet across the page again. I sigh and give up.

The End

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