Abbie: Explosion

Unfortunately, Mr Makins can't get Nikki and Adria jobs just yet.

"We'll have to wait for someone who has one to... quit" he adds carefully. Nikki grimaces, she gets it straight away. I don't look at Adria but I know Keela grimaces too. Dying while doing a job for Mr Makins isn't a very nice prospect. Most of the jobs he gives lead to gruesome deaths if you're not careful.

Suddenly, I hear a deafening bang and the whole building shakes.

"Something exploded" Nikki says.

"The hotel" I say

"The garage" Keela says

"No" Mr Makins says "The hospital"

"IVY!" I yell and run out the door before anyone can stop me. Keela follows. 

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. Her" she spits. No prizes for guessing who she's talking about.

"I'll buy the knife" I mutter grimly. I know a knife will do nothing against Skye, but that was what I said when my sister said something like that when I was... alive. "IVY!" I shout. I hear a small cough and someone very small and skinny staggers into me. 

"OHMYGOODNESS!" Keela gasps as the body goes limp. "Abbie, that's Ivy! We have to take her back! We have to!"

"Yes" I say, my voice emotionless. Ivy is struggling for life. Her breathing is too shallow. She's burned too much. She's bleeding to much. "Teleport her to Mr Makins. I'm going to look for Skye"  I know my eyes are red and orange, like fire. The voice hides the feeling, but my eyes show it.

"OK"Keela takes Ivy from me "But Abbie, promise me"


"Don't let the Daemon or the Creator get involved. Last time they argued the Mazer was created. I'm sure we don't want something like that to happen again"

"No" I agree, shivering at the memory of my time in the Mazer. 

Thanks for the foresight, Keela.

The End

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