Skye: Does that include me? No? Yay.

"Oh, how sweet," I say, jumping down from the hole I blasted in the ceiling to gain entrance to the room without opening the doors. I land lightly, using Air to slow my fall, and walk up to where Winter is training James. Well, should be. Unfortunately she's far too weak.

"You can't hurt her family? Does that include me? No? Yay," I said to Daemon, no emotion in my voice.

"You call that training? Pathetic. Your daughter fights better," I continued, turning to Winter. "How about this?"

She sees the target ball flying through the air, but it's not aimed at her. The lightning strikes down through the hole, burning away the rest of the roof as well.

Daemon never saw it coming. He goes down like the Titanic. Ha.

"Skye! You've turned Kingdom!" Winter exclaims. I make a gagging sound.

"You wish. I'm public enemy number one. I have no friends."

I shoot from the ground like a rocket, leaving where the roof used to be. I shout back in.

"Pray for your daughter Winter. She's going to need it."


I arrive at the hospital where I know Ivy is. I look at the receptionist. She's a Kingdomer. Damn. This will take some skill.

"I'm here to see Ivy. Ivy Stone Felson?" I say, walking up to the reception desk, using my most innocent voice. The lady looks up, fear momentarily clouding her eyes, but it passes.

"Okay. And you are...?"

"Amanda. Amanda Sparks," I say, using my first name to hide my identity. Hey, it's not like I'm lying.

"Of course. Right this way." I follow the woman, pitying her. I don't want to have to kill her, she's a pretty strong healer as far as I can tell, but I probably will. To get rid of witnesses.

Ivy is still in coma mode, and I know this will be the best time to strike. Without the receptionist noticing, I quickly place a blue target ball under the pillow behind her head. Yellow is a strike. Blue is explosive.

"Thanks. I'll go now," I say, seeing a doctor approaching. Time to get the hell outta here.

As I'm walking away, I look over my shoulder just in time to see the entire hospital explode with a flash of electric blue. When the azure light disappears, there's nothing except a small pile of blackened wood.

I smile and face the way I'm walking again.

The End

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