James: What in the world is he doing to my body?

I think I'm sitting down its hard to tell because I'm still in my head.  I sat ther for a while then a trendel from the darkness reaches out and extends to make contact for a moment I can see reality , and I was kissing Winter. All I could think was she was safe , then I began to realize that the only reason I was here was for the demon to make me seem human. I get disconnected from reality, and a little later my little inside world begins to shake violently.

What was going on? Suddenly a feel a backwards motion and a hard impact.  Okay what in the world is happening? I ask my self trying to stabilize myself as the world continued to vibrate.  Was he trying to kill me?  No this seems to be an outside influence.  So I must be getting my butt handed to me cause I think I was just forced to the ground a second time.

Allright so my next question , what the hell is he doing to my body? I get into a crawl as my little world is being tossed around. I crawl up to the wall of black mist. It wouldn't let me pass.

" You know this is rather annoying. What the hell are you doing?" I ask out loud hoping for an answer.

A tendril from the mist grabs my feet , and begins to engulf my legs.  Reality returns Winter was running towards with a balled fist. She had dark specks in her eyes. I could feel the specks draining from mine.  Wait why was Winter running up to me like that?It was like training. I should move , It was wierd trying to recommand my body , but eventually I lazily roll to my left getting out of the way. I guess maybe the demon didn't feel the need to control me any more.wrong.

My body freezes as darkness climbs into my eyes agian. Winter comes down onto me and stops just before she hits me on the back." Oh I thought she  was going tp hit you." I hear the demon say a little disapointed," Fine maybe A little tear to the soul should satisfy me!" I could feel the pain shooting from every limb I curl into a ball.

" I'm going to give you back a bit of control, you step out of line though... I'm going to tear your soul to pieces." The demon warns.  I could feel him sliding out of my mind but still lingering in the back.

Atleast I got some control back. I think to myself as I still stay curled in a ball. I was still in pain.

"James?" I hear Winter's voice.

The End

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