Winter: Waking

The blackness is cold but.... it doesn't touch my soul.

"Shoot" Deamon curses.

"What?" someone asks.

"My sister's smart, her oath to the kingdom contradicts the darkness and her oath to me" Deamon hisses.

"That's bad right" I hear a thwack. Ouch, poor soul.

I feel my eyes flicker open. I know they contain flecks of black as does my hair. I feel it.

Deamon glares at me and bares his teeth. "Stand" he hisses.

I get up but calmly and slowly. I feel the need to obey him even though I know I could deny it if something else needed my attention. I put my hands behind my back clasped together, legs straight and apart at shoulder width.

"Very good" Deamon says slightly pleased.

"I thought you said she wont obey you" a man says standing up. I don't look to see who it is I'm staring straight ahead.

"No, she'll obey me as long as both the kingdom and her heart are safe. Which means I can't endanger her family. Which includes James, Ivy and Flames" I watch him shake his head. "Pity I wanted to have a bit of fun. But still.... she's almost the perfect soldier"

I hear someone groan behind me. I turn quickly running over to the ingured Flames.

"Is she okay?" I ask turning to Deamon. He smiles.

"She'll be fine...... a bit colder than you from lack of protection but.... fine. My two perfect soldiers" He laughs.

Almost perfect..... I nod. I want to smile. He doesn't have as much control over me as he thinks. Neither has he over my sister.

"Now, James" He turns and I watch James step out. His eyes are totally black and I feel my heart lurch in pain.

Consumed.... please no.

"You two will train up" Deamon says.

"What about Flames?" I ask worried.

"She will be taken to a peaceful room, now go" he says sternly. Me and James both nod.

But as soon as we reach outside I pull him to me. I press my lips on his. He's shocked at first but quickly kisses me back.

"We should train" I say letting go nodding. I head off brushing down my hair. This will be complicated.

The End

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