Adria : This isn't over

The girl that had shouted "Another one!" disappears from the rooftop and re-appears directly beside me just as a different girl comes from huge cathedral-like doors.

"Hello," I say again, and the Cathedral-girl and dissappear-reappear both look at me.

"Hi," says dissappear-reappear, "I'm Keela,"

"Adria," I reply, "I like your name!"


"I'm Nikki," says Cathedral-girl, good, names are definitely good.

"And I, young ones, am Skye," The second girl I saw standing on the rooftop is now also standing with Keela and Nikki but she is looking at myself and Nikki. "Have you picked sides?" she asks me.

"Uh, I think the guy at the desk before I started with the blasting water at dummies thingy, but after the lady sent me to hi-"

"Get to the POINT!" she bellowed.

"Yesh, temper! Anywho, he said Kingdom," Skye growled at me and I instinctively took a step back.

"No need to get your nickers in a knot. Are you crazy or something?" I said bluntly. Keela looked at me, her mouth slightly open and her eyes wide.

"Do not tempt me," she replied with an evil smile. I grasp my throat as I suddenly find it hard to breathe. "I am not crazy, simply, experience and much more able than you are,"

Suddenly, my air supply returns in a rush, choking me. When I look at Skye, she is drenched, head-to-toe, as if she just went swimming in her clothes.

"Oopsies," I snicker.

"This is not over," she says, addressing all of us now. "And you, Nikki, I'm looking forward to meeting you under . . . better circumstances," Keela rolls her eyes at Skye as she walks away.

"Welcome to the Kingdom," she says after Skye is gone. "She's from the Freedom,"

"That sounds like a good thing," I reply.

"Belive me, it's not." I shrug looking at the big cathedral that Nikki had exited from.

"So, you're new too?" I ask her.


"So, do I have to go in there too?"

"It's advised," replies Keela, she's definitely not new.

"Well, if you say so! Be right back," I walk over to the big doors and need to use all of my strength to open the doors.

"Good luck," calls Keela.

"Thanks," I reply, gulping hoping that I don't need luck in what I'm about to do.

The End

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