Flames: Fight fire with fire

I run over to Winter, not pausing to wonder why the daemon lets me. I do the first thing I can think of- I make my palm freezing cold and slap her. Her eyes stop flickering and I pull her up.

"Where's Ivy?" she says, still looking a bit out of it.

"An apparition," the daemon smirks. "Your precious daughter is in hospital, in a coma. You, however, are in my power."

He raises his arm and sends Winter into the roof. It knocks her out and she hits the floor, completely unconscious but at least fully kingdom.

"You can't escape me forever, Fantina. Neither of you can. You're cursed, forever. Remember that," he says, hurling me into the wall. I slide down, landing next to Winter. My vision fades, me and Winter are trapped in this hell hole, knowing exactly what we'll be when we wake up if the daemon has his way...

The last thing I do is to light a ring of fire round us. Then I black out.

The End

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