Flames: Déjà vu

I sit down on a chair next to Abbie as a voice starts speaking in my head, accompanied by pictures.

"Abbie, if I start screaming, will you wake me up?"

"Sure, but why?"

"Déjà vu," I say. The voice says something coherent and I listen. It's obviously half way through a conversation because it doesn't make much sense.

"What do you want?" I recognise Winter's voice.

"I want you to swear loyalty..... body and..... soul" I flinch at the sound of the Daemon. Then the conversation starts to break up and I can only hear snatches of what the Daemon is saying.

"...I cursed you... mine Winter. Darkness is in your soul"

My eyes snap open.

"Abbie, you'll have to stay here alone," I say, getting up.

"Why? Where are you-" her voice is cut off as the door closes behind me.

I run across the kingdom, the voices faint but there in my head still.

I won't join you... You can't make me...

Oh can't I? I don't know what the daemon does but Winter's next shout make it clear.

No! Ivy! Let her go, I'll do what you want!

I block out the voice. I can tell it's from the past, not happening right now. Which means Winter...

I push the doors of the Dementia open. Two figures turn towards me.

One's James.

One's the Daemon.

Winter's unconscious on the floor, her eyes wide open and staring, flickering between electric yellow and cold black fire.

"Wake up," I whisper, staring at them. I'm not sure who I'm talking to.

"This isn't a nightmare, little Fantina. You've been dying since the day you were born, from the curse. You were never truly alive. My sister couldn't pick you as well, you would have discovered the truth about Winter and yourself too soon, and I made sure that wouldn't happen."

"Liar!" I shout, hurling a fireball at him. It goes right through and he laughs at me, the black fire in his eyes igniting.


The End

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