Abbie: Injured

I'm slightly aware of what's going on around me. I would be more aware if there was actually anyhting going on. But there  isn't. No-one ever comes to the edge of the Kingdom. It's hard to breathe. She didn't give me all of my air supply back.

"Abbie!" I hear someone shriek. I slowly open my eyes and attempt at pushing myself up. My head sears with pain and I have to lie back down.

"F-Flames?" I whisper.

"Om my god Abbie! What happened to you?" Flames exclaims.

"Skye" I say. Flames's expression goes really angry. She helps me up.

"We need to get you to the hospital. Have you seen how much your head is bleeding?"

"No, I don't plan to either" I wince as something warm trickles down my neck. When we get to the hospital, there are loads of other victims of Freedomers being treated already. So I sit in the waiting room and prepare for a very painful wait.

The End

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