James: Inside my head

 The darkness swirled around me like a hungry wolves.  I was in my head there was nothing I could do to attack it or protect my self.  A demon like like claw swipes at my ankles I quickly dart out of the way.  This is my head my body , and I was only allowed to live in a small confined space. I think anger was something it hated because it began to back off. Thats right I say trying to pull off more anger , as I walk forwards but my little victory doesn't last long as my world begins to shake, for a moment the real world comes back to view. Winter stands above me with a look of disbelief , and at the sametime a look of loss.  I step forwards in my head trying to regain more control but the darkness grabs my ankles , and throws me back.

" Dammit."  I swear. 

He hasn't killed me in my own head yet, which either means he can't kill me , or he doesn't want me dead just yet. Then it I came to the conclusion he was keeping me alive to hurt Winter even more. Which means he can only hurt me up to a point. I get back onto my theroetical feet , and head towards the dark mist. I wasn't going to let him use my body to hurt Winter. No way!  The anger around me became my weapon. With everystep I took forwards I felt more control over my body when my vision came back though I noticed my actions where affecting the world outside my head.It was like I was setting off explosions.

" Did you actually think I would let you insignifgant bug crawl back to the surface without payment." The Demon voice cackles around me.

Could I have hurt Winter myself ?or was this what the demon wanted me too see? I couldn't be too sure , but I couldn't bring myself to get my freedom by hurting attacking the world outside my head. But if the demon was lieing to me? Then atleast I had enough control to say something.

" I    'm st   ill her    e." I try to say but it sounds stuttered and broke I reapeat once more but stronger, " I'm still here!" I say then the darkness takes me back into the furthest and darkest corners of my head.

The End

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