Adria : Tidal Wave

When the damn old training guy finally got tired of me shooting water at dummies, he let me walk through the big shiny silver door at the back of the training room. It was really shiny, and I mean blind-a-person-in-the-sunlight kind of shiny. I touched it as I left, saluted the guy and shot a little fountain of water out of my hand as the door closed behind me. When I came out, I was standing in a dark alley way, near a dumpster. Not even sunlight shone here. So far, this Kingdom or Paradise or whatever it was supposed to be wasn't so fun.

My body tingled like it had when I'd fully changed to water, and I decided to try something. I changed into my solid water form again, but I let myself go, persay. I became a puddle on the ground, and I got to see the world from a cockroaches point of view.

"Cool," I said. About the puddle, not the cockroach, that'd just be weird!

My puddle-form-me flowed out of the alley way and into a small abandoned street, but at least there was sun. I was careful to avoid grates and sewer drains, wouldn't want to get caught down there! As I went down, I started to think of waves and big tidal waves and al of a sudden, I was a wave, crashing down the street. This was wicked cool.

"Another one!" I hear someone shout from the sky and I automatically go back into my human form, first forming a water form, then flesh. I look up, shielding the sun from my eyes and see two people standing on top of what appears to be some sor of steeple.

"Hi!" I say, waving. "Another what?"

The End

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