Winter: No, Impossible

I burst through the doors of the main room.

"Here to spoil the part" I say smiling. The Deamon looks actually quite shocked. I zap him with a tiny bit off electricity.

I run over to James whose lying quite tired on the floor. "Oh no" I whisper and stand up.

Deamon's got him. His health is only black.

"How dare you?" I look at Deamon angrily.

Then I remember something. I shocked him..... why didn't his guard attack me?

Then I notice they're retreating. He held them back?

That's....... weird.

"What do you want?" I hiss. James eyes flicker open then focus on me.

"Winter" He whispers. And I'm shocked theres actual passion in his voice even though his eyes are full of darkness still the same colour but cold.

"I didn't finish the process. Now you have to watch as he obey's my every word.... while still caring for you. Hurt already doesn't it?"

And it does. Deamon.... he planned this to happen. I turn to look at him.

"What do you want?" I repeat.

"I want you to swear loyalty..... body and..... soul" he says smiling.

"Why? Why me?" I whisper.

"Didn't my sister ever tell you why she picked you after so many years?" he says smiling.

"What are you on about?" I whisper.

"She chose you cause I cursed you" he says smiling. "I made sure that in the afterlife you would be strong.

"No" I whisper. Impossible. I.... I can't be cursed. "Why?"

"I needed a soldier. A true soldier. Unluckily my sister got you first. But your mine Winter. Darkness is in your soul"

The End

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