James: Imprisonment

I wak up chained to a stone wall. The cell looks familiar somehow but yet I don't remember ever being here before.  The cell was poorly lit but I could still see lots of open wounds , and a small stream of blood which I can only guess as my own going into a drain. Perhaps I have woken up before.

 how long I have been here? My thoughts quickly changed to Winter , and Ivy. Are they safe? I hope they aren't looking for me. Man I messed up , lets see what happens when I blow things up. Instead of the chain exploding it alights on fire and burns me severly. 

" Stupid , stupid ,Idea!" I curse.

" Oh James , It wonderful you fully conciouse. Let say a trip to the demon today." I hear a malicouse but cheery voice sound through my cell.

I wanted to fight back but I knew it was futile.  Two gaurds unchain me from the wall but quickly put me in shackels which I assume is made of the same material as the chains.  They drag me into demons I guess you would say throan room.

" Ah, one of Winter's Aprrentices , and love.  Its really is pitiful how easy it was to catch you." The demon starts, " So your probably wondering why you aren't dead yet."

" Actually no, I'm just trying to figure a way to rearrange your face." I spit.

I find myself on the ground completely obliviouse to what just happened.

" Don't ever mock our master , scum." I hear a gaurds voice.

" You needn't worry, soon he'll be under my control." The Demon laughs. 

My vision begins to fade and I feel a dark evil intrusion taking over my body. I try to struggle but it only speeds the process up.  In my head I felt like I was being pushed away to falling.  Memories began to  slip past , as I fall  I see a memory of Winter and I and I grasp it as if it was my last hope.

The End

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