Corby: Leaving

Ugh, this stuff is too heavy for me. Back when I first came to the Kingdom all the fighting was put at a minimum, now it's like... mandatory. Some days I wish I could just go back to Earth, where it was normal.

I sat down in my headquarters. I don't train everyone, just those who just arrive and haven't decided a side yet. Yes, the headquarters are on the Kingdom side, but it's underground and unless I bring you there it's very hard to find. Then after they're finished with training I ask them what side they want, then send them in that direction. I don't get paid for that specifically, but some of my students give me money later on, that's how I live.

I put on my battle gloves and boots, then I decided to go back to the entrance again. I was never sure if the side I picked was the right one, I mean the other side is called Freedom, it can't be that bad. I got back to the lobby. No one was there, but I did see two forms. One with people of the Kingdom, the other with people from Freedom.

I stared at them both for like ever. I knew exactly what I was going to do, I just needed to collect myself first. I took a deep breath, grabbed the pen, and scribbled my name off of the Kingdom list. Now most people would write their name in Freedom now, but that's just the thing, I didn't want to be a part in the war. Not at all. So I got out my chisel and marked the wall.

Corby Torson: It's not a Kingdom with two rulers, and not Freedom with a war. I wasn't meant for this place, and I will spend the rest of forever trying to leave.

"Someday someone will see this, and maybe I won't have to be alone for the whole time." I said to myself, knowing no one could hear me. And then I set off down the middle of the sides, to see what's at the other end of this world.

The End

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