Keela : Skye

Yawning, I half-watch a few orange leaves twirling in the air outside the creatathedral. I look up to the sky, dark clouds with lighting in them stare down at the Kingdom menacingly. A storm? No thanks. Feathers of rain floated down gently, damping the ground and me little by little. Suddenly, my air supply is cut off.

"F***.... off," I choke out. Having heard about her from Abbie, I was perfectly aware of the murder maniac.

"Nice to meet you too Keela." She replies in a fake sweet voice then appears out of absolutely nowhere. "I just need a little more information. I'm sure you have details about the newest member in the.... city. I doubt they would want to stay on The Kingdom's side if I just persuade them a little." She gives me my breath back. I fall to the ground, panting. "So, where is he?" Oh wow, she really doesn't know anything. "Oh and don't even try doing anything smart."

I smirk and quickly teleport behind her. She breathes in a sharp breath.

"Oops, I think I just did something smart! So what happens now?" She turns round to me immediately, so I teleport onto a tree and lean against the trunk.

"The weather's on my side Keela. You're not going to win the battle."

"No, but The Kingdom will win the war." Skye snorts then unexpectedly sends a wave of lightning towards me. I dodge it easily by teleporting onto the roof of the creatathedral. "Too slow Skye."

"Shut up." She says between teeth, standing in front of the cathedral doors. Hmm.... she's quite easy to annoy.

Slowly, I hear the grand doors of the cathedral opening.

The End

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