Nikki: Keela

"OK. Now, I hate saying this, but I have to say it. Everyone who comes here has to choose"

"Choose what?" I ask. Everything has been explained to me. I'm dead. But I guess I already knew that. I have powers. I can hold my breath for as long as I want, I can tell when someone is lying - and as far as I was tested - most guys find me attractive. Which is a bonus, that didn't happen to me before.

"Your side"

"My side? I die and then I have to choose a side?" 

"Yes. Most people say that. There is the Kingdom, that's what this place was originally. Until... it doesn't matter. You'll probably find out anyway. There is also..."

"Also what?"

"Ahh. I hate saying this. Most people choose it. There is also... the Freedom" she says. I see what she means.

"Who runs the sides?"

"I'm not allowed to say. It would be unfair"

"OK. I choose the Kingdom. I dunno, it just sounds safer"

"Neither of the sides are your version of 'safe'. Here, go through that door, you should come out of the pin tower. There's normally someone there" she says and points to a high silver door. I went through it and it closed like a lift. Then it opened again to a dusty road. There was someone there. She looked round.

"Uhh... hi.I'm Nikki. Where am I?" I say.

"Hi! I'm Keela! Yay! You chose the Kingdom!" she exclaimed happily.


"Oh, sorry. You have been told haven't you?"

"Well, I know that I'm dead, and what my powers are. What's this 'sides' thing all about?"

"Ah. That's a long story that I'm involved in. Hmm... you're older than me aren't you>"


"Yes, you are. You need to go to the creata- I mean, the cathedral." she pointed to a high white building. "I'll wait for you outside."

"Oh, OK" I walked up to the building.

"Please state name and purpose" a voice said.

"Oh... err... Nikki...uhmmm..."

"Commitment" Keela smiled


"Welcome" the voice says and the huge doors open.

The End

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