James: crushed

" Finish it! you! Don't make me laugh!" He laughs I hear a blade slicing through the air behind me, I roll forwards to run into a shield. 

He goes to stab me , I dodge it but still recieve a deep cut on my left arm. I had forgotten this guy would take any chance to hurt his enemy.  We stood only a few feet from eachother trying to find the appropiate opening.  I followed his eyes until he made the decision to charge forwards forming a shield in his hand. I explode jumped over him and shot a volley of explosions at him which he tried to block with his shield but had been to late and was hit several times repeateldy. He was not to bad off it looked like he had formed another layer around himself but it had disentergrated. A smile grew on his face and he charged fowards hi sword hel professionaly down towards the ground ready for an uppercutting slice.

I wasn't sure if it was a trap but I knew he would expect this it was something I wanted to try for a while.  I focussed one the air around us and then allowed my powers to connect with and.... BOOM! We are both engulfed in an explosion and I was sent flying backwards down a few blocks  and through a wall.  I think I had just crushed myself and my openent was badly wounded but was still able to walk unlike me. The world was becomeing blurry.

" That why you don't try new things." I here his voice sneers, " Time to see the demon pal."

That was the last thing I heard before the world disapeared.

The End

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