Abbie: Sorry

Skye has me hanging over the edge of the Kingdom. She's only giving me half the air supply I need.

"Now Abbie. Answer me" she demands. I stay silent. She shakes me and loosens her grip. "Answer me!"

"No. I'll never..." I struggle to even speak with the lack of air.

"Oh yes you will" my air supply thins.

"I can't... talk... with... no air" I whisper so quietly that not even I can hear properly. I get some air back, but not much. "I won't say... anything" I gasp. And Skye cuts off my air supply completely and lets go. I fall. I just fall. Because the edge of the Kingdom is literally an endless pit. I put my hand on my chest.

Rewind I think. I go flying back up and am grabbed roughly and thrown to the ground. The air is sucked out of my lungs completely and I black out. I wake up a few seconds later. I have very little air to breathe. I'm going to die. I am.

"Talk b**ch" Skye puts a foot on me and digs her heel into my chest. It hurts. Too much. And I have no choice. 

"OK" I gasp "I'll talk"

"Well now, that changes things" she digs her heel in harder on the 'changes'. "Now, what did little Ivy say? What did she say before you ran off?"

I'm so sorry Ivy I think, tears pouring down my face. "She said... she said..." I can't finish the sentence for the lack of oxygen. I get all the air back. "She said she's from the future."

"And?"her heel pushes into my chest even harder.

"And... there might be a war"

"Now that wasn't hard, was it?" she gives one last shove on my chest and I black out again.

The End

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