Skye: Answer Me

I watch Abbie slump to the floor. I decide to give her a bit of air, she'll be no use dead. I like beng able to use my air power for once- normally I have to use lightning since everyone's trying to kill me. But I don't think anyone could do that now. I create a small target ball and press it to Abbie's forehead, sending small shock waves through her system. She wakes up, gasping for air, as I'm not giving her more than enough air to whisper till she talks.

"Talk," I say, my voice harsh and unforgiving.

"No," she says. I step back, and pick her and myself up and go right to the edge of the Kingdom. There's a gap in the Mazer here, instead of wall the land just stops, falling away into a gaping hole. I land lightly on my feet and put Abbie down close to the edge.

"How noble. Why don't you look over the edge, Abbie?" I sneer.

"I don't want to," she says, fear 

"Oh, that's too bad. I know, I'll help you!" I say, laughing. I pick her up and swing her far out over the gorge.

"Now Abbie. Answer me."

The End

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