"Nikki! Where are you going?" Nadia shouts from across the playground. It's the end of school.

"To meet that guy from Facebook! I wont be long. I went to primary school with him." I say as she catches up with me.

"Nikki! Don't go! Please! Didn't you pay attention to the cyber bullying video?"

"Of coarse I did. I'm not an idiot. I know this guy. Besides, the girl on the film was like, eleven. I'm sixteen. Nothing will happen"

"OK, fine. Can you come to mine after?" she asks.

"Sure. I'll tell my mum" I say and then run to the address I've got on a piece of paper. I knock on the door.

"Hello, you must be Nikki. Please come in. Michael isn't here at the moment, he's just gone to the shop. He should be back any minute now" this ugly guy says and welcomes me in. I nervously walk in and sit on a chair. "Michael's told me a lot about you. He's been dying to see you for ages"

"Oh, really?" I blush a little. There's one of those awkward silences that lasts about ten minutes. Then the guy says

"Hmm... Michael should be back. Would you like a drink?"

"Oh, err, yes please. Do you have any orange juice?"

"Yeah" he goes into the kitchen and comes back with a plastic cup which he gives to me. I sip it, it tastes funny. Nothing at all lime orange juice. I place it on the table and smile. This is getting weird. The man takes a long draught out of the can that's on the table. There are seven others nearby. It's beer. My phone buzzes.

where r u?? u sed ud be bk now!

"Umm. I better go, my friend is expecting me. I'm really sorry I couldn't meet Michael. I might be able to come ano-" I'm cut off as I try to get up. The man walk up to me and I lean away. His breath stinks of beer.

"No no! Michael will be very upset if you're not here when he gets back" the guy grins. Then it hits me. There is no Michael. This is Michael. Michael from primary school never contacted me. This guy did. The guy reaches out and yanks open the top of my blouse. I dodge out of the way.

"What are you doing! Get off me!" I scream. The guy grabs hold of my arm roughly and puts a damp cloth over my mouth and nose. He then proceeds to drag me up the stairs. If you've watched a Cyber Bullying video then you know what happens next.


I'm suddenly sitting on a dusty floor. Tears are still streaming down my face and I'm in my underwear. I get up and notice that there are big purple bruises on my forearms. Then I notice something else: I can breathe. I was being smothered not one minute ago.

"Hello. What's your name?" a kind looking woman says from behind me.

"Who are you?" I ask suspiciously. 

"I'm Mary. What is your name?"

"Nikki" I say warily.

"Hmm. OK Nikki, do you know what happened?"


"What is your last memory?"

"I was being smothered and..." I shudder.

"Oh, I see. Well come along, lets go and get you some clothes and then we'll test your powers" she smiles warmly. I follow her. She seems trustworthy. What is htis place though? And why am I not dead?

The End

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