Adria : Drip, Drip, Drip

I gasped, my soaking wet bangs flattened onto my forhead and bits of my wet hair splayed across my face and neck.

"Stop!" I gasped, water dripping into my mouth, mingling with blood and shooting out of my mouth again as my chest heaved, trying to save me. A dark laugh ripped through the eerie silence, other than my pants and the slow dripping of water.

Drip, Drip, Drip.

Again, he pressed hard onto my neck, shoving my face into the water tank, this time my nose crashed onto the bottom and I screamed into the water. That was a mistake. Water rushed into my mouth, filling every nook and cranny and pushing the air from my lips as the scream finished. My eyes bulged and I lashed out with my tied feet and arms, trying with all my might to hit my captor, but it was no use. I closed my eyes so that they didn't pop out of my head, and I saw it. It was like a flicker in the distance, not a solid light like so many people say. It looked like morse code, but I wasn't sure. I could tell, if I stopped struggling, this would all be easier. I did as my concious told me, and just as I succumbed to the darkness, I heard a voice inside my head saying,

"No, Hold on! You can do this," and then it was gone. I felt like laughing at the voice, talk about bad timing. I couldn't feel my captor's hand on my neck anymore, and I could see my hair floating around my head as if it was being blown by air. Then, I was falling. I opened my mouth to scream, but the only thing that came out was water, more and more water. It was choking me. I tried to cough, but it didn't work. The pain in my lungs was supposed to go away when I offered my self to the darkness and the flickering light. Then, my body slammed into solid ground, my legs first and the rest of me coming down like a slinky.

"Uhh," I groaned.

"Welcome!" said a happy voice. I jumped up, putting up my fists in the same way I'd seen those ninja people do in movies. The happy voice laughed an annoyingly happy laugh, like when you see those sales persons who never stop smiling. "Please, follow me!" I saw a lantern light up and someone with a happy smile was holding it. I giggled quietly at my accuracy and followed the peppy "sales person".

"What is it Margerie?" said a large man sitting behind a glass wall.

"Got you a new one, boss,"

"Oh! Welcome to the Kingdom. Follow me," I followed the man to a room with several dummies set up in it. "How'd you die?"

"I'm dead!?" I screamed. The man laughed, how was this funny!?

"Of course, what was your last memory?"

"Oh," I said, realization dawning on me, "I drowned,"

"Oo, sucks," he wrote something on a clipboard, "Power?"

"I have powers?"

"Ok, just, concentrate and close your eyes. Think about your last memory, of drowning,"

"Yeah, happy thoughts," I snorted. I closed my eyes, standing in the middle of all the dummies and concentrated on how the water had rushed into my mouth, the taste, what it smelled like whenever I came up, what it felt like. Suddenly, I felt something like tickling on my entire body. I opened my eyes and realized that they were watering, but when I went to wipe my eye, my hand melted into my face. I looked at my hand and saw the man staring at me from across the room.

"Nice," he said, "Shoot at the dummies," I shrugged and extended my hand towards a dummy, thinking of shooting and water shot from where my hand used to be. Wait! My hand is made of water, I'm made of water! I looked down my body and felt my head start to spin, but I stayed upright.

"Again," he said.

So that was how I spent my first hour in The Kingdom, shooting water at dummies. What a great start eh?

The End

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