James: him agian.

We carry Ivy's seemingly lifeless body. I could still feel a pulse , and if she was a daughter of mine it would take more than a lighting bolts to kill her. I also had an uncontrollable sensation to deal this person who attacked a  7 year girl a lot of pain. When we got to the hospital I told Corby I'll see him later and thanked him for his help. We visited the doctor told us she was in a coma. Winter was threatening to to destroy the demon.

" She going to be fine." I whisper in Winter's ear holding her close.

I could see Winter holding back tears I hadn't seen her like this since she remembered her death.

" I know." she says leaning up agianst me.

A little afterwards we both fall asleep. My nightmare became more violent. I run forwards seeing both Ivy and Winter both being completely surrounded by the freedomers, and where getting beaten violently then it switched to watching them being absorbed by the demon.  My dream ended there my eye shot open and I held my mouth shout to not wake everyone. I slip away from Winter's warm body and go for a walk to calm my nerves. It near midnight , and probably not the best time to be walking around. 

I rounded a corner to run into a group of freedomers attacking a lone gaurd.  I shot several explosions at there chests.  They flew with very small holes in there chests, with little fear in their eyes.  The gaurd got back up only to fall over agian.  I didn't need his assistance anyways. The small group charged at me and one simple explosion at their feets finished them off. They fell to the ground not dead yet but close.  I walked to see the gaurds injuries, just as I came into range of the mans arm a knife arcs through the air and pierces my shin. I should have realized it was a trap it was to easy.

I rolled to my right as  spikes peirced the ground from where I was standing.  This is why you don't walk around at night." I think to myself.Lots of freedomes began to surround me from alleyways and rooves.

" crowd control?" I ask them.

they didn't respond a little too uptight for my liking.  As several long distance powers go into my direction I punch my right arm into the ground setting off a massive explosion around me killing most of them as it moved outwards destroying any buildings in its path.  I  got back up and took the knife out of my shin , It began to bleed a fair bit. I should have left it in.

" damm." I cursed qiuetly. I hear footsteps in front of me and look up too see someone that blew the hotel up, and nearly killed me.

" Hello , hello, James." He sneers , " Its funny I have been watching you everday, and yet I still have to say its been a while." 

I wasn't sure if I should attack or let him talk.

" What do you want?"  I ask.

" The way you live!" He says grabbing my neck and forcing me to the ground.

" You mean life." I gasp while he crushes my throat.

"No, I want to be you."  he says darkly.

I slam my left arm onto the ground throwing him off me.  I get up through the smoke and barely dodge a very sharp sword. 

" You know we never finsished that battle in the forest." I hear his voice circling me through the smoke. 

" Don't tempt me to finish it now!" I growl.




The End

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