Abbie: A Change in the Future in the Past

"Come in Abbie" Mr Makins says. I go in.

"Mr Makins, is there going to be a war?" I ask desperately. He closes his eyes and clasps his hands under his chin slowly. He's silent for a few minutes.

"No" he says, opening his eyes.

"But the future girl said there is!" I object stupidly.

"The future girl?" he asks, confused.

"Yes. She's the future daughter of Winter and James. She said there's going to be a war!"

"How old is she?"


"Well I must say Abbie, it's not like you to believe a seven year old"

"This is serious!"

"I know. Listen. There is going to be no war. I saw one a few days ago, but now it has gone. I see the final conclusion of something. So even if someone kept changing their mind I'd still see the same thing, which would be the conclusion of their decision." He tells me.

"But how does that work? She told us!"

"She is from the future. Therefore anything she does in the past can change the future. Can change her future. When she goes back, there will have been no war and everything that happened after will have changed. The place she came from may well be different when she goes back. She could have not been born at all. If she hadn't told you, then there would be a war. But she did, and so - as I see - the Creator stops the war after finding out it will happen. What she's done is very dangerous. The future Winter should not have let her time travel so young. However, I do know that she is born."

"Oh. So the future we were going to have might have changed because she told us?"

"Yes. I can't see any further in the future than I have done for you today because it has been changed slightly."

"Oh. I need to go and tell Keela and Flames now. Thank you"

"You're welcome" he smiles. I go off to find them.

The End

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