Ivy: Coma

Darkness. No end.

Oh my god! I'm dead!

Wait no. I hear something.

"She's still breathing" someone says. "But her brain activity is low.... she's in a coma"

"I'm gonna kill Daemon" Winter's voice pierces the darkness.

What!?! I'm in a coma.

Oh, great what use am I gonna be now?

Uh, I shouldn't be complaining anyway. My birth is still fixed even though I may have change a few things......

So not my fault by the way. I should have chosen a better place to test this thing out.

Lets hope that I don't get told off..... Wait, they won't even know I changed anything. Great!

Hmm, but complicated. Ahhh!

I want to be awake, I'm starting to talk to myself.

I sigh mentally. Well thats the only thing I can do at the moment.

I hope everyone will be okay..... Shoot, I forgot to warn Mum.

The End

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