Skye: Once bitten, twice as deadly

"Leave and tell Daemon this. He got a problem then he deal with it personally himself" Winter hisses. "Cause if he tries this again, he will be the one dead," says Winter. I start to run, then use Air to lift myself up and sort of half air run half fly. I get about a mile before I stop, due to the pain in my head.

You idiot. Get back there.

I can't kill her.

Yes you can. You've killed her once, she isn't dead. So go and kill her again.

This sounds sensible to me. I guess I'm insane right now but I like it.

I use Air to get myself back in a second and stay hidden. I watch them carry her to the door. I smile, life has taken a huge turn since she looked at me like that. Once bitten, twice as deadly certainly fits here. I press my palm to the wall, sending electricity along it and barring the door with an electrical barrier. Winter looks at it, confused, then see's me.

"I thought I told you to go," she hisses.

"Yes, you did. And in doing so you've turned me into an insane asassin. Instead of not wanting to do this, now I really do," I say, smiling. I through the target ball faster thsan the eye can track. She jumps out of the way, which is what I knew she would do. It flies past her and hits Ivy. With about ten storms power now. She falls to the ground. Winter looks at me, burning with anger, hatred and loss, but then she just collapses into a heap, crying.

"I'll kill you," she says, but her hearts not in it.

"So likely. As if you could catch me. Besides, I'm used to it," I say, dropping Ivy from about three miles up. I then float up my self, dodging several bolts of electricity and fighting back with lightning.

"Murderer! I'll never give up," she yells at me, her eyes still full of tears.

"No rest for the wicked," I shrug, then float back to the Dementa. It's like that stupid cathedral, or creational, or whatever, but obviously it's the Daemons.

"So," he says, when I get back. " You are truly on my side now?"

"Yes," I say, without hesitation.

"Good. You are one of the most powerful in the Kingdom or Freedom already, but as a Freedomer you do have more power. My personal asassin."

Some bit of me that would have hated that once shivers, but I stamp on it till it goes out like a spark.

The End

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