Ivy: To close to death for my liking

I draw in a breath and everyone freeze's. I turn rolling on to my stomach. Pain blasts through my body not one inch isn't burning.

"What the-?!?" The girl who tried to kill me says. I try to stand up and stumble my body won't work it's to feeble.

Each inch is in pain. "Ivy!" Winter shouts running over and pulling me up. A force field forms around us and she glares at the girl with all her hatred.

"But... but that's impossible" the girl whispers. "You can't be still alive"

"I'm my dad's daughter" I whisper.

Winter looks at me and gasps. "Of course.... James he-he got killed once but he didn't die" She chokes out.

The girl begins to back off.

"Leave and tell Daemon this. He got a problem then he deal with it personally himself" Winter hisses. "Cause if he tries this again" My Mum's eyes begin to flash with electricity. "He will be the one dead"

The girl's eyes widens and then with slight hesitation she runs off.

I groan and my body still burns from head to toe.

"I need.... sleep" My vision blacks out.

"Ivy, Ivy!" Winter shouts. "James. We need to get her inside"


I feel a force field lift around me but a person grips my hand. Mum......

The End

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