Corby: First chapter back, welcome imaginary characters!

Corby Torson back in action! Too many people who weren't me got medals, I need to work up some medal power! Oh, by the way, my thoughts on all this. I'm still sooo bloody confused! I don't know why we divided, I don't know why I'm on this side... this side has my buddy James and his girlfriend but still. And most of all, I NEVER GOT MY EXPLANATION FOR WHY I'M HERE! Ah well, I'm here, so I wanna be popular!

One more thing, you can't see what I'm doing, but if you could, you'd wonder what it was. Well, just listen.

"All right, state your name and how you died."

"Jeremy, shot in the head."

"I see, well do your damage on that practice dummy." He pointed his hands at it. Immediately, bullets came shooting out of his fingers like a machine gun. After just 8 seconds, the dummy looked like it was just run over... and blown up. "Very nice Jeremy, you'd be a good ally. Just make sure you never use this in, you know, public." He nodded.

"Can I go next sir?"

"Sure, name and cause of death."

"Gilbert, fell out a window 40 stories high."

"Yikes, well next time keep it closed."

"It was closed.."

"Oh, my my this'll be pretty." I got into position. I was just about to let it rip when I saw James and Winter run  by my window. "Hey James, come see this!" He didn't answer. I got a bit worried, so I decided to go after him, but not before this. "Gilbert let it rip for a couple seconds." And just like that, a storm of glass came charging towards the dummy, tearing it to pieces. I was amazed.

"All right, Gilbert, Jeremy, both of you come with me. The rest of you, wait here. I just need to check on something." I climbed up the stairs with my boys close behind. I finally go to the top and saw Winter and James just standing there looking down. I walk up to see what happened, and I did not like what I saw.

The End

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