Skye: I'm so sorry

I watch Winter walk off, and then the girl appear in front of her who looks almost exactly like her. I listen to their conversation and find out she's her daughter and her name is Ivy. Suddenly pain shoots through my head and I hear the all too familiar voice of the Daemon.

So, young Skye. That is the daughter of Winter? Pathetic, she's nothing like her mother, she couldn't kill a fly, let alone hurt such power as me.

Go away, get out of my head I think.

Interesting, only one person has said that to me before. It was Flames, the idiotic girl.

Get the f*** out my head!

Keep your temper he says, his voice calm but jeering. I only want you to do one thing. Kill her. Or you die. It's your choice.

This is the thing. He knows I don't want to kill, but I don't want to die even more.

I watch as Winter and Ivy go out of sight, then Ivy coming back alone. I close my eyes and step forwards, forming the yellow crackling target ball in my hand and charging the sky. That's why Lightning is so much more powerful than electricity, you can charge up the sky instead of just your body, though I can charge my body and I normally do because normally I don't need much power. Though Winter's daughter will need a lot. She turns to look at me, her eyes wide. 

"I'm so sorry I have to do this, " I say, my voice no more than a whisper.

"Then why do it?" she says. She looks about seven but she's obviously much older mentally.

"He'll kill me. I'm so sorry," I repeat. My eyes flash and glow, like miniature suns. I pull back my arm and throw. She see's the crackling ball of yellow and tries to get out of the way, but I've had too much practise at this. The lightning forks down from the sky, the charge about equal to three storms worth of lightning. As thunder is the sound of lightning then that comes too. Winter and a guy run out too see what happened. They see Ivy, dead on the floor. Winter looks at me, her eyes blazing. There are no words for the anger in her face. She's not going to leave this without a fight.


Note for CrystalRose- IVY IS NOT DEAD!

Skye just thinks she is, as no one has ever survived her lightning attacks of that power before.

It will take Ivy some time to recover obviously

The End

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