Winter & Ivy: Blushing a bit too much

I blush brightly and look away.

"I'm your daughter from the future" Ivy says her voice ringing happily.

"What?!?" James exclaims. He looks at me and I blush brighter.

"She arrived last night" I mumble.

"Why didn't you call me?" He asks.

"How about we go somewhere more quiet?" Ivy surggests. I nod and we head outside and into an empty alley.

"So let me get this straight..... you're... our daughter from the future" James says gesturing me and him.

"Yep" Ivy says smiling. James looks at me shocked and I must admit it is shocking.


God, Dad was no different in the past. I know he's basically the same age but still.

He's finding it hard to except.

Well, both of them are and I don't blame them. A girl pops up and goes 'Hi, I'm your daughter'.

I can hardly blame them for finding it hard even though the evidence is there. I mean my powers and looks are pretty strong evidence.

I just hope they can except it.

"I'll leave you to talk" I say nodding then moving off. No, idea what they'll say to each other.

The End

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