James: Get up!

I fall asleep in a matter of minutes. Tonight I actually didn't have any nightmares but it was shortlived by a ringing of my phone.  As I keep my eyes shut tapping around looking for the phone and when I do find it I accidently blow it up. 

" Aw crap." I mutter shaking myself out of bed.  I search for my old phone which I hadn't blown up yet and replaced it.  I was hoping whoever phoned was going to phone again.   As I waited I started the coffee machine to find I was out of coffee , So it was going to be tea this morning. My fridge was empty , and so was the pantry. It lookes like I haven't been keeping up with my life lately. I thought to myself.  The phone rang agian.

" Morning." I mumble into the phone.

" Get up! Lazy."  I hear Winter voice.

" I'm trying my best. Hey I've got some tea made I'm all out of coffee. Do you want to come over?"

" James I'm at Mr puddings , there is someone here who wants to see you." Winter replies.

" Sure , see you in a bit." I say

" Okay bye."

I hang the phone up and go through my drawers looking for my wallet.  I found it in my jacket.

" Mornings." I sigh and leave. 

A few minutes later I make  it into Mr puddings where Winter was sitting with a young girl who struck quite a resembalance to her. Sitting with them was Flames and Keela.

" Hey." I say walking in.

" Dad!"The girls says delighted

" What?"  I say perplexed as she runs and hugs me.

" Uh." I say then look into her eyes that looked just like mine say for specks of yellow.

" Winter , who is this?"

The End

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