Abbie: Future Girl

I cannot believe it. All this time I've been trying to get Flames to be at least a little bit happier when all I needed to do was look into her eyes and change the size of my nose! Sigh. She still thinks it's her fault though. There are going to be a lot more staring competitions between us. 

"Where shall we go?" Flames asks, frown back on her face.

"You know Flames, you look much prettier when you smile" I say, using the words my mum used to say to me when I was upset.

"Yeah, I know. Pity there isn't anything to smile about"

"Oh come on Flames! Even Abbie smiles and she's in a constant bad mood! This isn't-"

"Shh!" I cut her off, not wanting to set Flames off again.

"But it is my fault isn't it?" Flames says. I groan.

"No it isn't! This isn't anyone's fault! Come on, I'm hungry. Let's go to the bakery. Maybe Mr Pudding can cheer you up" Mr Pudding isn't really called Mr Pudding. He's called Mr Podu. But we call him Mr Pudding and he likes it. On the way to the bakery, we see Winter... and a girl who looks to much like her to be true.

"Hey Winter!" I call, she comes over. "Who's this?"

"I'm Ivy" says the girl

"She's my daughter" Winter puts in.

"Your daughter!" me, Flames and Keela exclaim at the same time.

"That isn't even possible" mumbles Flames

"I'm from the future" Ivy tells us brightly. "I was born a bit after the war"

"The war?"

"Yes? Didn't you know?"

"No. I'm really sorry, I have to go consult Mr Makins. He must have seen it" and I speed off to his office.

The End

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